Cancelled Classes

Today is Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Cancelled classes for Wednesday, October 18, 2017

TktCrsDaysTimeRoomInstructorSpecial Instructions
1226CABOT 102MW09:10am-10:35amSR324TABER , COLLEEN 
1327ENGL 104MW10:45am-12:10pmAU114ADAMSON , DIANN J 
1415ENGL 101MW09:10am-10:35amCR224ADAMSON , DIANN J 
1427HUMAN 115MW03:25pm-04:50pmAD242TAYLOR , ROBERT STEPHENWe will review for the final on Monday
1440HUMAN 115MW01:40pm-03:05pmAU207TAYLOR , ROBERT STEPHENWe will review for the final on Monday
1464ESL 151MW09:10am-11:15amAU110BALDWIN , MARY KATHRYNCheck college email
1506ESL 128M, W12:20pm-01:25pm, 12:20pm-01:10pmSG327, SG327LEE , ELISMidterm monday
1513ESL 136MW01:40pm-03:05pmAU212BALDWIN , MARY KATHRYNCheck college email
1519ESL 111MTWTH10:45am-11:55amVGT 3LEE , ELISCheck Canvas
1525ESL 146MW12:05pm-01:30pmAU212BALDWIN , MARY KATHRYNCheck college email
1543ESL 123MW08:05am-10:35amVGT 3LEE , ELISCheck Canvas
1557ESL 123MW12:20pm-02:50pmVGT 3MCQUEEN , CRYSTALCheck email
1565HLTH 104MW09:10am-10:35amSF104CALDERONE , ERIN 
1605KIN 167MW12:20pm-01:15pmSF104CALDERONE , ERIN 
1632KIN 151MW, TTH03:25pm-04:50pm, 03:25pm-04:50pmSF104, SN101CALDERONE , ERIN 
1864MATH 101MTWTH09:25am-10:35amSG326FRANKIAN , NARINEH 
1876MATH 103MTWTH10:45am-11:55amAT107BFRANKIAN , NARINEH 
1897MATH 119MTWTH01:40pm-02:50pmSG326FRANKIAN , NARINEH 
1937MATH 155MW04:15pm-06:45pmAS104FUHRMANN , JOHN 
2244CHEM 101MW, MW03:25pm-04:50pm, 05:10pm-08:20pmCR234, AS201BAHRAMI , MOHAMMADWe will have lab
3072ST DV 145MW09:10am-10:35amSR313NOORI , PARIS 
3423ESL 151W06:55pm-09:00pmSG325BASALLA , MELISSACheck Canvas
3930ESL 126MW05:10pm-06:35pmVGT 2MCQUEEN , CRYSTALCheck email

Currently, there are no classes cancelled for tomorrow, Thursday, October 19, 2017