Cancelled Classes

Today is Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Cancelled classes for Tuesday, March 28, 2017

TktCrsDaysTimeRoomInstructorSpecial Instructions
1206MOA 182TTH09:10am-10:35amAA104PERERA , SONALICheck Moodle
1242MOA 183TTH10:45am-12:10pmAA104PERERA , SONALICheck Moodle
1283ENGL 101TTH01:40pm-03:05pmSF106JOSEPH , SAMUEL 
1309ENGL 104TTH07:35am-09:00amCR224RIEDEL , ISABELACheck moodle
1313ENGL 104TTH09:10am-10:35amSN101RIEDEL , ISABELACheck moodle
1318ENGL 104TTH10:45am-12:10pmAU115JOSEPH , SAMUEL 
1343ENGL 192TTH10:45am-12:10pmSG136SCHUMACHER , ALEXA 
1367ENGL 103TTH10:45am-12:10pmAU207MORALES , ANGELAConsult syllabus
1377ENGL 101TTH09:10am-10:35amLB200MORALES , ANGELAConsult syllabus
1436ESL 115MTWTH09:10am-10:20amSF102WARE , ADRA J 
1439ESL 116M, TW07:50am-09:00am, 07:50am-08:40amVGT 2, VGT 2WARE , ADRA J 
1468ESL 133TTH06:55pm-09:25pmVGT 3EVANS , AMANDA 
2191OCEAN 115TTH09:10am-10:35amCR231RIDGWAY , RACHELEmail the instructor with potential questions
2274GEOL 102TTH01:40pm-03:05pmCS252RIDGWAY , RACHELEmail the instructor with potential questions
2461SOC S 134TTH01:40pm-03:05pmSR112FEIG , KIMBERLY 
2717T ART 102TTH09:10am-10:35amAU102HERRON , ROYCE 
3604SOC S 130TTH03:25pm-04:50pmSR114FEIG , KIMBERLY 

Cancelled classes for Wednesday, March 29, 2017

TktCrsDaysTimeRoomInstructorSpecial Instructions
3576MOA 180W10:45am-12:50pmSR312PERERA , SONALICheck Moodle