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Glendale College offers orientation in three forms: online, on-campus workshop or one of the Student Development classes. If you prefer to complete the orientation at a session on campus, check the orientation schedule for times. Then again, you may enroll in one of the following Student Development courses (see note 1):

Student Development 100 – College Orientation (see note 2)
Student Development 101 – Freshman Seminar

The online orientation is an interactive program designed to guide you through the registration process for your first semester and to prepare you to become a successful student at Glendale Community College. You will also learn how to access and use a variety of academic and support services designed to ease the transition into a college environment. 

1. International students must enroll in Student Development 103 – International Students
2. EOPS students must enroll in the 1-unit ST DV 100.

The goals of the orientation are to:

  • Tell you about Glendale College, its academic programs, and the services it can provide to help you succeed
  • Help you define your educational goals
  • Provide information that will help you prepare for graduation or transfer to a four-year college
  • Educate you on the basics of course selection and the registration process

Take the following steps to complete the orientation and be ready to register for classes:
Step 1  Make sure you have a completed Glendale College application on file with the admissions office prior to completing this orientation. We cannot give you credit for the orientation until you have been assigned a Glendale College student ID number. Click here for the online application.

Step 2  You must have an active email account. 

Step 3 You are now ready to begin exploring Glendale College! You may read each of the nine sections at your own pace, but you must finish the entire program in one session (you cannot save your progress). Read through the information carefully. You will encounter short quizzes that will test your understanding of the information presented. The purpose of these quizzes is simply to provide you with immediate feedback to see if you are ready to move on to the next component. Please note that all eleven quizzes must be completed for you to receive credit for the online orientation.

This quick tutorial will demonstrate proper use of the online orientation.

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The orientation is divided into sections and pages. Each section contains information on a specific topic, such as Academic Programs or College Success.

You should read the text on each page as it contains important information. Some pages may also contain a video clip with subtitles.

Click into the small window to play the movie.

Please contact us if you need additional HELP with the online orientation.


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