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Available Workshops for Spring 2020

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Monday3/30/202012:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (14)Register
Monday3/30/20203:30 PMCredible Source TypesOpen (3)Register
Tuesday3/31/202011:59 PMNews & Media Literacy - ONLINE Open (14)Register
Wednesday4/1/202012:30 PMOneSearch for Books & ArticlesOpen (1)Register
Wednesday4/1/20202:00 PMResearch ProcessOpen (0)Register
Thursday4/2/202011:15 AMCredible Source TypesOpen (0)Register
Thursday4/2/20205:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (5)Register
Friday4/3/202012:30 PMOneSearch for Books & ArticlesOpen (0)Register
Saturday4/4/202011:15 AMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Saturday4/4/202012:45 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Monday4/6/202012:30 PMEvaluating InformationOpen (3)Register
Monday4/6/20203:30 PMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Tuesday4/7/202012:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (4)Register
Tuesday4/7/20203:30 PMLibrary DatabasesOpen (0)Register
Wednesday4/8/202012:30 PMNews & Media LiteracyOpen (0)Register
Wednesday4/8/20202:00 PMEvaluating InformationOpen (0)Register
Thursday4/9/202011:15 AMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (1)Register
Thursday4/9/20205:30 PMCredible Source TypesOpen (3)Register
Friday4/10/202012:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Monday4/20/202012:30 PMNews & Media LiteracyOpen (0)Register
Monday4/20/20203:30 PMEvaluating InformationOpen (0)Register
Tuesday4/21/202011:59 AMIntro to the Library - ONLINEOpen (5)Register
Tuesday4/21/202012:30 PMCredible Source TypesOpen (1)Register
Tuesday4/21/20203:30 PMOneSearch for Books & ArticlesOpen (0)Register
Wednesday4/22/202012:30 PMResearch ProcessOpen (1)Register
Wednesday4/22/20202:00 PMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Thursday4/23/202011:15 AMNews & Media LiteracyOpen (1)Register
Thursday4/23/20205:30 PMEvaluating InformationOpen (0)Register
Monday4/27/202012:30 PMCredible Source TypesOpen (0)Register
Monday4/27/20203:30 PMNews & Media LiteracyOpen (0)Register
Tuesday4/28/202012:30 PMLibrary DatabasesOpen (1)Register
Tuesday4/28/20203:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (1)Register
Tuesday4/28/202011:59 PMNews & Media Literacy - ONLINE Open (3)Register
Wednesday4/29/202012:30 PMEvaluating InformationOpen (0)Register
Wednesday4/29/20202:00 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Thursday4/30/202011:15 AMOneSearch for Books & ArticlesOpen (0)Register
Thursday4/30/20205:30 PMResearch ProcessOpen (0)Register
Friday5/1/202012:30 PMNews & Media LiteracyOpen (0)Register
Saturday5/2/202011:15 AMLibrary DatabasesOpen (0)Register
Saturday5/2/202012:45 PMResearch ProcessOpen (0)Register
Monday5/4/202012:30 PMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Monday5/4/20203:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/5/202012:30 PMEvaluating InformationOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/5/20203:30 PMNews & Media LiteracyOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/5/202011:59 PMOneSearch Books & Articles - ONLINE Open (2)Register
Wednesday5/6/202012:30 PMOneSearch for Books & ArticlesOpen (0)Register
Wednesday5/6/20202:00 PMLibrary DatabasesOpen (0)Register
Thursday5/7/202011:15 AMEvaluating InformationOpen (0)Register
Thursday5/7/20205:30 PMLibrary DatabasesOpen (1)Register
Friday5/8/202012:30 PMResearch ProcessOpen (0)Register
Monday5/11/202012:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Monday5/11/20203:30 PMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/12/202012:30 PMResearch ProcessOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/12/20203:30 PMEvaluating InformationOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/12/202011:59 PMNews & Media Literacy - ONLINE Open (0)Register
Wednesday5/13/202012:30 PMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Wednesday5/13/20202:00 PMNews & Media LiteracyOpen (0)Register
Thursday5/14/202011:15 AMLibrary DatabasesOpen (0)Register
Thursday5/14/20205:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Friday5/15/202012:30 PMLibrary DatabasesOpen (0)Register
Saturday5/16/202011:15 AMOneSearch for Books & ArticlesOpen (0)Register
Saturday5/16/202012:45 PMCredible Source TypesOpen (0)Register
Monday5/18/202012:30 PMLibrary DatabasesOpen (0)Register
Monday5/18/20203:30 PMResearch ProcessOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/19/202012:30 PMNews & Media LiteracyOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/19/20203:30 PMLibrary DatabasesOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/19/202011:59 PMOneSearch Books & Articles - ONLINE Open (0)Register
Wednesday5/20/202012:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (1)Register
Wednesday5/20/20202:00 PMOneSearch for Books & ArticlesOpen (0)Register
Thursday5/21/202011:15 AMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Thursday5/21/20205:30 PMCredible Source TypesOpen (1)Register
Friday5/22/202012:30 PMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/26/202012:30 PMOneSearch for Books & ArticlesOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/26/20203:30 PMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Tuesday5/26/202011:59 PMNews & Media Literacy - ONLINE Open (0)Register
Wednesday5/27/202012:30 PMCredible Source TypesOpen (0)Register
Wednesday5/27/20202:00 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Thursday5/28/202011:15 AMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Thursday5/28/20205:30 PMNews & Media LiteracyOpen (0)Register
Friday5/29/202012:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Saturday5/30/202011:15 AMEvaluating InformationOpen (0)Register
Saturday5/30/202012:45 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register
Monday6/1/202012:30 PMResearch ProcessOpen (0)Register
Monday6/1/20203:30 PMLibrary DatabasesOpen (0)Register
Tuesday6/2/202012:30 PMUsing Information EthicallyOpen (0)Register
Tuesday6/2/20203:30 PMCiting in MLA, 8th editionOpen (0)Register